Power Latex Exam Gloves-Ultra One Latex Exam Gloves CE & FDA certificates


Power Latex Exam Gloves-Ultra One Latex Exam Gloves CE & FDA certificates

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The gloves have a textured texture at the fingertips and over the entire surface of the gloves (Extra Safe Black series)

– 3.1 mil. thickness
– Orientation: Ambidextrous
– Cuff: Rounded Bead
– Color: Natural rubber latex
– 100 gloves per box
– 10 boxes per case

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Power Latex Exam Gloves-Ultra One Latex Exam Gloves CE & FDA certificates

Latex Gloves Powdered – Case Power Latex Exam Gloves

Power Latex Exam Gloves offer great protection properties and are much stronger and thicker than other disposable safety gloves. Latex gloves offer protection against leakage, making them easy for working in wet conditions. Power Latex Exam Gloves are also resistant to many chemicals like acid and alkalis. They are also less likely to puncture or tear. We offer Medical and Non-Medical latex exam gloves.

Powder-Free Latex Gloves

Medical powder-free latex gloves are also used for cleanliness in sensitive medical environments. In many applications, such as clean rooms, it is desirable not to use powdered latex gloves. In these instances the glove can be chlorinated or polymer coated. Power Latex Exam Gloves

Powdered Latex Gloves

In order to eliminate the tackiness and aid in donning, a fine powder is distributed over both the inside and outside surfaces of these disposable safety gloves. It is safe to breathe and touch. Read more about the Power Latex Exam Gloves benefits of Latex Gloves. 


For the highest level of protection and durability in powder free latex examination gloves for high-risk environments, rely on Ultra One?? gloves. Strong, durable and comfortable, Ultra One?? gloves offer superior defense against many hazards that you come into contact with daily. With an extended cuff for increased protection, the Ultra One?? glove is a proven performer. Power Latex Exam Gloves

Ultra One gloves are the best choice in a latex for heavy-duty/high-risk environments.

Power Latex Exam Gloves Recommended for use when:
– Added protection is required for extreme environments
– Extra coverage over the wrist and forearm is needed for enhanced safety and security
– Strength is required for your toughest tasks

– Length: 300 mm. / 11.8″
– Cuff Thickness: 7.1 mil.
– Palm Thickness: 9.8 mil.
– Finger Thickness: 13.8 mil.
– Tensile Strength: 21 MPa (Before Aging) / 18 MPa (After Aging)
– Elasticity/Elongation: 750% (Before Aging), 600% (After Aging)
– Reduced Protein Rating: max. 50 g/g

– Material: Latex
– Usage: For single use only
– Type: Non-sterile
– Shape: Ambidextrous
– Color: Natural latex color
– Size: S – XL
– Cuff: Beaded
– Glove Exterior: Textured fingers
– Glove Interior: Polymer-coated, powder-free
– 10 boxes per case, 50 gloves per box

Sentry - Latex Gloves Powdered - Case

Sentry - Latex Gloves Powdered - Case


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