Digital Portable non contact Infared thermometer-The temperature gun


Digital Portable non contact Infared thermometer-The temperature gun

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Non contact Infared thermometer

Product specification

Power supply: DC 3V, 2*1.5V AAA batteries


Display resolution: 0.1°C/0.1°F



Measuring position:Ear canal or forehead

Dual Mode: °C/°F

MOQ = 12pcs

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Digital Portable non contact Infared thermometer-The temperature gun

Non contact Infared thermometer for Fever, Ear and Forehead Infrared Magnetic Thermometer for Baby Kids Adults Surface and Room Easy Operation 1s Measurement Professional Certification

【Your Family’s Loyal Protector】The is clinically validated by American association. Safety and accuracy are two main advantages for the thermometer. thermometer has elegant and nice design and it is dedicated to provide the most accurate body temperature data and it provide the best care for your family with non contact Infared thermometer

【Fastest Measurement with Simplest Operation】The non contact Infared thermometer gives a result of the body temperature measurement within 1 second with its precise sensor probes and optimized algorithm calculations. Wohlman thermometer has a storage capacity up to 40 sets of data, your historical body temperature change can be viewed at any time so that you can track your body’s temperature easily. The magnetic cover design makes it very easy to switch between forehead mode and ear mode.

【 Backlights & Sound Indicator】Green backlight accompany with one long beep will rise for an indication of normal temperatures (89.6ºF ≦ T ≦ 99.5ºF) , Orange backlight accompany with 6 short beeps will rise for an indication of a slight fever (99.7ºF ≦ T ≦ 100.4ºF), Red backlight accompany with 6 short beeps will rise for an indication of a high fever(100.6ºF ≦ T ≦ 109.2ºF). The beep sound can remind us of whether the body is at normal temperature when tested with a non contact Infared thermometer.

【Multi-functional Infrared Thermometer】 With the non contact Infared thermometer technology and 4 in 1 design, Wohlman thermometer can both measure the temperature of ear and forehead. Moreover, we can use the Wohlman thermometer to measure the surface temperatures of objects, liquid and rooms.

【Designs with Care】non contact Infared thermometer has 3 different age groups modes: 3 months to 6 years; 6 years to 12 years; 12 year above. The special design make it more precise to read kid’s body temperature. During the usage, the tone of ear mode beep sounds is lower than that of the temperature mode, which can protect our baby’s hearing. We focus on the details and the details determine success in serving our customers. Wohlman. thermometer will satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.

Product description:

1. Measurement mode: Body temperature
2. Display screen: LCD digital display with three-color backlight, with clear readings.
3. Measurement time: 1 second temperature measurement, convenient and fast
4.Sensor measurement: measurement sensor technology, high measurement accuracy
5.Auto power off: no measurement after about 60-seconds, auto power off
6. One-button measurement: One-button measurement, simple and convenient operation
7.Alarm function: Fever reminder, when the temperature reaches 38 ℃, red backlight and short beep will warn the patient. Better understanding of physical condition
8. Stored data: The memory function of the last 32 sets of measured values ​​is convenient for users to retrieve data for comparison
9. Unit conversion: Fahrenheit or Celsius can be converted to each other

10. non contact Infared thermometer


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