3D Medical mask (100 pcs/ pack)


3D Medical mask (100 pcs/ pack)

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The three-layer 3D medical face mask is designed to protect the respiratory tract from infections. Therefore, it can be used when it comes to diseases transmitted by airborne droplets. The medical mask is widely used not only in medical, but also in cosmetic institutions, as well as in the food industry.

Product nameDensity g / m2Q-ty
3D Medical mask. 3-layer, disposable sterile, with elastic. EU Type II54 -60100 pcs / pack

1 box = 12 packs = 1200 pieces

1 box weight: 1.45 Kg/3.2 Lb

1 pallet = 24 boxes = 28.800pcs

Box dimension, cm:
L 55
W 25
H 30

Pack material: plastic bag
Box material: cardboard

Performance characteristics

EN 1483 TYPE IIR Standard

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE),%

≥ 98%

Delta P (mmH20/cm2) / (Pa/cm2)

< 49.00

Synthetic blood / Splash resistance
Penetration, (mmHg) / kPa

≥ 16

Sub-micron Particulate Filtration
Efficiency (PFE), @0,1micron, %

Not required

Microbeal Cleanliness (CFU/g)

≤ 30CFU


Not required


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